Microwave Popcorn

People like microwave popcorn, because this way they can experience the whole range of emotions in their preparation and consumption.
When you see the package to swell from popping and feel the aroma of fresh popcorn, you already know that you are only a few minutes away
from the incredible feeling of enjoying one of the most delicious and healthy snacks.

Popcorn is healthier than fruit and vegetables

 Popcorn that normally accompanies the audience in the cinema contains more antioxidants than fruits and vegetables, U.S. researchers found.
We know that popcorn is high in fiber and has relatively low fat content. But now they were nominated for the next super food packed with polyphenols,
powerful antioxidants that can fight harmful molecules that accumulate in the body and damage the cells.
They also help to increase blood flow by relaxing arteries.Previous studies have already established a link between antioxidant rich food and good health,
as these foods reduce the risk of cancer, dementia and even heart disease. Food analyst Dr. Joe Vinson reported that polyphenols are
concentrated in the popcorn, which has an average of only 4% water, compared to 90% in many fruits and vegetables. 
Even more surprising finding is that the shell of popcorn, which nobody likes, because it gets in the teeth, has the highest concentration of polyphenols and fiber. 
Popcorn can replace fresh fruits and vegetables in a healthy diet as they contain essential vitamins and nutrients.
The study found that the amount of polyphenols in popcorn is 300 milligrams per serving, which would provide 13% of the average intake of antioxidants per day.
Fruits provide 255 milligrams daily, and vegetables - 218 milligrams daily.

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